Theo Frastanlis

Theo Frastanlis / exhibition booth Dimitria 2016
Theo Frastanlis

Theo Frastanlis is a sculptor and craftsman/ artisan, from Thessaloniki Greece.
The course of his career began by making small woodcarvings and wooden furniture in a carpentry workshop, which later progressed into Fine Arts - Interdisciplinary Practice at the University of Brighton.
He enjoys blurring the boundaries between diverse materials, such as wood, wax, paper, concrete, polyurethane, fiberglass and polystyrene. His passion of twisting both the materials and the processes employed in traditional practice by using unique, intricate and meditative techniques lead to the high quality end results, which define his work as a whole.

Inspired by the mixture of fresh concepts and communication, he brings designs to life, elegantly bringing reality to form, giving shape and volume to ideas for sculptures, decorative designs or limited production objects of daily use. The sizes of these objects can range from small to massive, depending on the interpretation.