Jerry's Foodtruck

Jerry's Foodtruck
Jerry's Foodtruck

Great Uncle Gerasimo (we called him Uncle Jerry for short) was born in 1921 in a small village in northern Greece. He spent his early years tending to the family farm, until the day he got his chance to start a new life in America at the age of 19. This long voyage marked the beginning of Uncle Jerry's love for travel.

He arrived in New York, along with all the other boatloads of immigrants, completely alone with only his curiosity and determination to guide him. For the first time in his life, Uncle Jerry had to be completely self-sufficient, which included cooking. But with very little money, he quickly got bored with the same monotonous food day after day. He started experimenting with whatever food he could afford and alas, he had discovered his calling!

He began to travel across the country looking for whatever work he could find at local eateries. At each stop, he discovered new flavors and combinations that he loved. He finally took his dream to the street and created his first food cart in 1943. The rest is history!

Uncle Jerry took his food cart on the road, stopping all over North and South America, and Europe, taking bits and pieces of the local flavors from each stop, creating delicious street food!

We believe in Uncle Jerry's passion in tasty food on the go that won't empty your pocket.

The love for travel lives on as we continuously experiment with new local and exotic flavors to bring to you the best tasting street food! We take pride in the history of Uncle Jerry's Street Food, but we especially pride ourselves in our continuous, outstanding quality which has allowed us to have such a long standing reputation!